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Join us every Wednesday evening from 5:30-7:30. This is open to every skill level. Even if you just have questions or problems with a current project bring it in and we'll help you get back on track. Enjoy friendships and conversations with fellow knitters.

On March 19-20 we went to Crooked River Lodge for a knitting weekend! It was so inspiring to see the projects everyone was making! Dot gave a wonderful talk on Sunday morning and part of her "show and tell" was a doll she made that looks like her! We also took a wine tasting at the Crooked Vine Winery! A good time was had by all! Some photos can be seen below from the weekend and from out weekly knitters group.

Our knitting group has started making a TEMPERATURE SCARF. We are doing it in 10 degree intervals. Knit 2 rows everyday in the color of the temperature you have selected. At the end of the year you will have a very long and colorful scarf. We started November 1st and will finish it the end of October 2016. So fun! We have lots of people doing it and each is turning out so beautiful....not one is the same!

A customer from Indianapolis came in with hers and we got so excited. It was so pretty and different! It is also on Ravelry. Must give credit where credit is due. Hope you too will join us. I plan on posting some photos as we get further into it. Keep your needles clicking!

Don't forget to stop and have a donut or goodie from the Dutch Oven Bakery.